Friday, April 22, 2011

We Had A Little Rain Last Week.

This is my yard during last weeks storms. I took advantage of the rain to do some more experimenting with the camera.

Not sure what setting I used in this one, but it worked. as you'll see in the others auto was not a good setting to choose.

In this one I set the camera to "aperture priority" which is basically where I pick the f/stop, but the camera picks the shutter speed. It seemed to work good for this.

This picture was taken on auto, as you can see the camera tried to focus on the rain drops and didn't take too good of a picture. Kinda neat, but not good.

Same thing with this one, but it's so bad you can barely see the road. All in all this was a pretty good session because I was able to try some of the things I've been reading about and at the same time learning that auto just doesn't cut it sometimes.

Stay tuned, I'll try to get some more interesting pictures over the next few days.

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