Monday, April 18, 2011

Airplane Pictures

One thing I love almost as much as motorcycles is old planes. Especially WWII planes. I've posted most of my pics on the other blog, but thought I'd share these here.

This is the bombsite that crushed Nazi Germany. The Norden bombsite was the most sophisticated device of its kind during WWII. The standing orders were that if the plane was crash landed you were to destroy the sight at ALL costs. Now of course we can see them and see just what all the fuss was about. This one is in the nose of the B-17 Liberty Belle. We're actually pretty close to my house here so maybe I was planning on quieting those damn kids that always run around <grin>.  Nothing fancy to this shot, I just like it.

This is the cockpit of a B-25 that crashed in Lake Murray SC back in 1943. It was recovered a few years ago by a crew from the Southern Museum of Flight were I was a volunteer at the time. This was taken after the 3 feet of mud had been flushed from the cockpit area. A lot of this corrosion was caused by chemicals the Corp of Engineers used in the lake to control the algae. It was a mess to clean up, but you can still see this aircraft at the Museum of Flight in Birmingham. More info can be found here and here.

I took this photo with my old VERY cheap ebay camera so it is not that great, but I thought y'all might appreciate the shot.

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