Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eric Lindell On Sunday At The Blues Fest.

Sunday we stuck around to see Eric Lindell. There were quite a few good acts scheduled for the day, but we needed to leave around lunch to head on over to Natchez, MS for the night. These guys put on a good show, they are more a fav of my Wife's than mine but I was entertained none the less. It was a mid day show so there were no lights or night time craziness going on. Just good old music being played. Check out the pics and let me know what you think.

Eric getting the show on the road.

The rest of the band. The guy sitting in front is playing a lap steel guitar.

Close up of the lap steel player and drummer. The guitar player made some faces but never moved in his seat.

Eric again.

Here was the star of the show to me. Myles Weeks the bass player. Not only is a he a great musician, he is a VERY entertaining to watch. The man gets into his music.

Feelin' the beat.

Stoking his baby's neck.

Makin' music.

Showing some life...

Getting into it fo' real.

Play that song dammit!

My friend Bubba's cousin is running for Lt. Gov. You might remember him from the Gulf oil spill coverage.

Classic symbol of New Orleans.

Hope ya like the pics, I'll be posting more stuff as I see it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Crescent City Blues Fest Part 3

Finally we get to the end of this show. The music was great, the band was entertaining, but it was also special because toward the end Kenny had a friend join him onstage. Of course I forgot his name, but he was the first person to ever let Kenny play on stage with him. It was years ago at the Old Absinthe House there in New Orleans. He was supposed to sit in on a couple of songs, but ended up playing all night. It seems that these two have gotten pretty close since then and it was great to see them play together. I love it when a successful person remembers the ones who helped get them there.

Another note getting bent into shape.

Shaking that hair around.

"Hey! Is that a hot chick over there????"

"Maybe she'll like this note bent up to the stars...."

Wearing that fretboard out.

Powerful show!

"Only two more frets to go before I've subdued them all!"

Joined by the Man!

This really makes me miss my old Gibson Flying V. I loved that guitar.

Two great players working the frets!

Keep on visiting, I'm sure I'll find something else to post here ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Crescent City Blues Fest Part 2

Day two of Kenny Wayne, lots of fun at this show. Next year you should try to make it to this festival, it's a free show and if you plan right the weekend can be very reasonable on the budget.

The whole band in one shot. I must have used a wide anlge setting ;-)

Starting to get the feel from this song.....

Feeling it a little more.....

NOW it's coming to me, it feels GOOD.....

Hell Yeah!!

The man just sat quietly and played some of the best keyboards I've ever heard. He just didn't make a fuss about it.

Rockin' it out!

You know it's a great song when they look like this during it.

C'mon sing along!!

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Play that song dammit!!

Even more to come, stick around!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Crescent City Blues Fest Part 1

After Tab played, another band I didn't pay much attention to played on the other side of the park and then it was time for Saturday's headliner Kenny Wayne Shepherd. This guy is great, I've been a fan since he was a kid. The show is always good, the atmosphere is always fun. It'll take a few days to post all the pics from this one. I took a lot of pics and I like most of them so you get to suffer through them. Let me know if you like what you see.

Telling us how great we are.

Most of the band, the keyboard player is off int eh corner to the right.

You can sort of see part of his keyboard in this one.

The two man front.

Kenny Wayne and his bass player

He's not just a pretty voice, the boy can play guitar too.


Another guitar another screaming riff.

Bend them strings boy!

Stay Tuned! More to come in the next couple of days!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tab Benoit's show at the Blues Festival in New Orleans

The first I wanted to see was Tab Benoit. We got there a little early so that Allison could see the South Memphis String Band. They were pretty good, but I was ready for Tab. The show started in the sunlight and finished under the stars. It was a great show as usual (been a few years, but we've seen Tab a few times when he's played in Birmingham). Tab hasn't changed much, still dresses the same and still makes faces when he plays. Enjoy the pics and go see these guys if you ever have the chance.

Gettin' into those Blues

Tab and the Drummer

The bass player was REALLY damn good. He didn't move around much so I didn't take too many pics.

Feelin' that one for sure!

Luther Dickinson from the South Memphis String Band  and also from North Mississippi All Stars got up and played with Tab. Another young guitarist who won a contest got to play a few songs too, but he's young and hasn't learned to face the crowd while he plays so the pics of him are not that great and didn't getincluded here.

I love the look on Luther's face! The boys be jammin'!

Stay tuned, we've more bands to cover this week!

Friday, October 21, 2011

More Pics From New Orleans

Just a few random shots I liked from our trip. Most of the rest I'll post will be "themed" from the various events of the weekend, but for now just the randoms.

Taken from the 18th floor pool deck of the hotel.

A non zoomed in picture of the bird posing for me.

A house I liked the looks of.

I like this shot, I like the look of these windows sticking from the roofs of houses. The lines are clean and everything works together.

The difference 10 feet can make. This is the other window on this roof and with the crappy A/C shell and the other crap in the window it looks way different than it's nice sister a few feet away.

I like the way these corner buildings are used in the French Quarter. The curved balconies make a square building flow around a corner in a way the plain walls can't.

Looking down one of the streets of the French Quarter. I like weekend mornings here. You can stand in the middle of a street and take pictures and you're not bothering anyone.

The pigeons seemed to like the facade of this building.