Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cannons Of Chickamauga

Finally got around to working on some more pics from the trip to Chickamauga. As you can tell I did a lot more to these pics, that's because I was finally able to upgrade from CS2 to Photoshop CS5. What a HUGE difference in what can be done without having to spend hours trying to figure it out. Photoshop will not fix a bad photo, but it can make an average photo really stand out. Check out these pics and let me know what you think. They were all taken at the wrong time of day so I had to play with them to make them look good. Once of these days I want to go here again as well as to Shiloh and be able to spend a few days looking and figuring out the best times to get the pictures I want. Just one more thing on the bucket list I guess.

I hated the color they painted the gun carriage on this cannon so I went with sepia to get rid of that ugly color. Can you imagine being at home and seeing a couple of batteries of artillery roll up to your house ready to unleash hell on someone.

These cannon are near the park welcome center. Basically this was a battle for the road you see there between the guns and the monument. Chickmauga was the first National Battlefield Park from the Civil War and it was established early enough that there were a lot of Vets still around to come and help them determine where everyone was at the various points of the battle. Another thing I like is that the plaques describe what unit was in the position and if it was artillery it will tell you how many guns and what kind they were. What makes this great is that there will be the correct number AND types of cannon there as they are described on the plaque. And their exact position was determined with the help of the people who were there doing the fighting. It really helps when you're trying to visualize what went on that day.

Another view of the same guns.

I used a little HDR on this one.

Same pic but with only some slight color corrections.

Yankee artillery.

I'd have hated to be downrange from these beasts. Especially once they started shooting canister rounds.

Minor color corrections.

Heavily modified with the HDR controls.

First time playing with HDR pallet.


Minor color corrections.

I have a few more Chickamauga pics to play with, but these are my favorites.
Stay tuned I have no idea what will be coming up, but with my upgraded software I'll be playing with something and I'll be sure to share it here.