Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Architectural Fun!

A while back we went to New Orleans for a visit. While there Allison and I wandered around the Quarter and took some interesting pictures of buildings. Now it's time to share some of those with you....

The granite entrance to a building. I wish my old camera had been capable of getting more of this entryway into the shot. It was a very interesting building and I don't think this picture does it justice but I do think it makes a nice picture.

LOTS of cool balconies around the Quarter. I liked the look of this one and snapped the pic. I did zoom in for this one.

Even better was that the whole building looked cool. When you can have that much interesting detail on the corner of a building you know you've done good.

Just a cool looking window in a building that was being remodeled.

Something about the symmetry and squareness of this building caught my eye. I ended up taking 3 or 4 shots before I caught what my naked eye was seeing. I like how the stairs look like they could be raised up and fit right into the balcony going around the building.

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