Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Cabin In The Woods...

A picture I took of the Walker Sister's Cabin in the Smokey Mountains Nat. Park. Lotta history around that cabin. It seems my Grandfather stayed there when he was a kid and that we are related to them by marriage. Whatever the connection my Mom loved this place and I must have inherited it because I get a very peaceful feeling whenever I'm there.

I got Allison to sit on the porch in the same pose as one of the Walker Sisters in an old picture I saw years ago. Too bad I didn't have the book with me when I took the pic so that I could have gotten it a little closer to the original. It's close, but I'd prefer it to be closer.

.The old picture was in one of my books so I scanned it for you. The photo credit says 1936 by E.E. Exline


  1. i didnt know cedar trees grew that slow.

  2. That is the same tree isn't it. I never caught that. I do know that the tree is MUCH taller now than it was in the original pic. I guess next time I'll have to take a picture of just the tree.

  3. I was wondering about that tree too, is it the same tree? At my old Jr.High School the Elms that were saplings when we were kids, are humungous trees now...at least the ones that survived the disease. There are a series of books done here in the Sacramento Calif. area that feature then and now shots, that I always find fascinating. At the end of my street you can see old trolley tracks under the asphalt. Most people round here don't have a clue about the history of the town...