Thursday, November 3, 2011

Eric Lindell On Sunday At The Blues Fest.

Sunday we stuck around to see Eric Lindell. There were quite a few good acts scheduled for the day, but we needed to leave around lunch to head on over to Natchez, MS for the night. These guys put on a good show, they are more a fav of my Wife's than mine but I was entertained none the less. It was a mid day show so there were no lights or night time craziness going on. Just good old music being played. Check out the pics and let me know what you think.

Eric getting the show on the road.

The rest of the band. The guy sitting in front is playing a lap steel guitar.

Close up of the lap steel player and drummer. The guitar player made some faces but never moved in his seat.

Eric again.

Here was the star of the show to me. Myles Weeks the bass player. Not only is a he a great musician, he is a VERY entertaining to watch. The man gets into his music.

Feelin' the beat.

Stoking his baby's neck.

Makin' music.

Showing some life...

Getting into it fo' real.

Play that song dammit!

My friend Bubba's cousin is running for Lt. Gov. You might remember him from the Gulf oil spill coverage.

Classic symbol of New Orleans.

Hope ya like the pics, I'll be posting more stuff as I see it.