Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Start.....

I started the "What I See" blog to show the pics I had taken over the years, but it quickly evolved into a place where Motorcycles dominated. That's OK, bikes are who I am. When I was hit by the truck and broke my leg, they were rolling me through the Emergency Room I passed my Wife and told her "You do realize I'm getting a new Harley out of this right?". That's a big part of my life, but there are other things I like and for those things I'll put them here. You may see anything from pictures of my dog Merlin to a tree in the yard or maybe even a model of a Huey helicopter or even an action figure posed in a weird way. If it catches my eye and I take a picture it may just end up here. .

So, for my first post on this blog I'll begin with my "best buddy" Merlin. I took this picture with my new Canon G12 on the auto setting. I bought a great book about using all the cool stuff on the G12 so hopefully you'll see some interesting stuff as I learn what I'm doing

I took this one on the walking trail at Ross Bridge. They have a nice little park around the Civil War era  bridge the development is named after, but once past that it's just a nice trail that eventually runs into the maintenance trials for the storm sewer. I was still using auto, but I zoomed in quite a bit to see how it changed the picture. I can't tell you what's different about it, but I can sure see it. Hopefully you can too.


  1. LOL! It's my Viking heritage, I have to raid and plunder. I can't help it!