Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spent Independence Day Weekend in Nashville.

Allison, Caitlin, Blake and I all went to Nashville this weekend to see Ryan and Lee Anna. We had a great time and got to do a bunch of fun stuff. Saturday morning we were going to go to the Loveless Cafe for breakfast but they had a 2 1/2 hr. wait. NO food is worth a wait that long so we took off and thanks to smartphones and google we found Morell's. They have a couple of locations, but I think we ate at the oldest. This place is really unique because it is communal dining. That means that unless your group is pretty large you are going to share a table with people you don't know. In our case it was a local family. They were pretty quiet but their 15 yr. old son TC was great to talk with. A very intelligent young man who I hope will go on to do great things one day. His Mother has done a great job raising him. After lunch we went to the Lane Motor Museum, but that's another post.....

Morell's. A great restaurant in the middle of Germantown near downtown Nashville.

Our new little friend Olive. Her Grandmother was sitting with her outside so her Mom could finish eating. She was a cute little girl and gave us plenty to talk about. This picture took a little work to get. I had to hold the camera ready and focused for a long time until she looked up just right and I managed to capture that look.

This was in the front yard of one of the neighbor's house. Basically Monell's sits in the middle of a bunch of old houses in a very nice little part of town. Olive's Grandmother told us that there used to be a local ice company called Polar Bear Ice and this was their logo. It seems someone grabbed up one of the statues when they closed up. His arm is broken, but you can still tell he's throwing snowballs. It's still a cool statue ESPECIALLY on a hot July morning.

One of the neighboring houses. I had to edit out a power pole and some power lines. This area is old enough that the wires are just kind of thrown up anywhere.

At the end of the block was this nice old building. It has a restaurant too, but it was closed. I think it's more of a dinner place. I like this style of building though.

Stay tuned there is more to come from Nashville.

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  1. Awesome garden statue, nice that someone saved it. I've always been intrigued by old buildings built to fit the roadways. Nearby there is a building that was built to fit an oddly shaped triangular piece of real estate, caused by the crossing of three streets. My part of town is one that still has a lot of character and charm with many old places left over. Lately there has been a move to "dense-pack" the city as a friend of mine calls it. This has resulted in some ugly stuff to be put up. Then you gotta laugh when they have a hard time renting or selling it. Sigh, what would Sheriff Taylor say...?