Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Tasty Dip, Somewhere on Hwy 78 Near The Georgia/Alabama Line

A little ways down the road from the cool Memorial Park we came across the Tasty Dip and decided we needed some ice cream. It was a neat little place and the cool treat hit the spot. I love old places like this that are still being used the way they were intended. It's good to see our old way of life being preserved. My family used to stop at places like this when we are on road trips all the time. I really miss those old days with the Mom & Pop joints serving great food instead of the "one just like the others" corporate eating establishments. When you see a place like this stop in and show a little support. They won't be around forever, enjoy them while you can.

This sign has probably been on the roof of this building for over 40 years. It still works and still looks great.

I played with the exposure a little and came up with this one. I kinda dig it, looks like the sun has gone down and we're just waiting for the Johnny and his 57 Chevy to show up and start "cruising".

Allison was waiting for our ice cream. Other than the plastic garbage cans, this pic could have been taken decades ago.

from the other side. it still looks good.

Classic sign painting is becoming a lost art. I wish I had the talent, I would love to be able to paint stuff like this.



  1. Wow, that building looks so much like a "Foster's Freeze" I used to stop at on my way home from work at the bike shop. I'll have to get by that area and see what became of it. That area has kinda gone upscale, so I'd be surprised if it was still around. Nice pics Jeff. Keep taking them....also reminds me of one called the "Big Dip" that just closed recently.

  2. Jeff, Your pictures are wonderful! I own this restaurant and your pictures make it look better than it is. I wished I could find some older trash cans that were in good shape. Thanks for loading these to the web. Great job.

  3. I'm glad you like the pics. I LOVE it when I run across places like yours. Good food and a reverence for the way things used to be. Keep the place rocking and I'll try to get back by one day soon.