Friday, July 15, 2011

Some Pictures From The Lane Motor Museum In Nashville, TN

The Lane Motor Museum in Nashville is a great place to visit. It is full of all kinds of cars you have never heard of and a few you will like a whole lot. They collect European cars and have a great collection of these. I took the family with me over the Independence Day weekend and everyone seemed to have fun. If you are ever in Nashville give them a look. In the meantime here are a few of the pics I took while I was there.

Some kind of cool small car that I have no idea of the maker.

This was made by Vespa in 1956. Yep, the same company that made the scooters.

And here is another view with a scooter next to it so you can get an idea of how small it really is.

I loved this old 50's VW, especially with that wild manual AC unit hanging on the passenger window.

A nice angle shot of some really old BMW's. They were a whole lot different than the current line up from this company ;-)

I have a lot more from this place. I'll post more later on.

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  1. Pretty cool stuff there. If you go to a blog called "Kittens and Motorcycles", there is a link to a site called "Minutia-minicars and microcars"...something like that. I haven't perused the whole blog...but there is some tiny car stuff goin' on there. You'll know your at Hazel's blog when you get's pink, and there are kittens and motorcycles...