Monday, July 18, 2011

Shooting In Small Scale

Ever since I saw the movie Marwencol at the Sidewalk Film Festival last year I have been wanting to take pics of toys posed in life like scenarios. It's cool to kinda recreate a scene in my head or even my memory. Also this helps me learn the features of my camera in a controlled environment so that if I'm out and see a scene I want, I know how to set up the shot quickly. I decided to get out my Huey toys today and give it a go. The big one is a 21st Century Toys UH-1C gunship and is pretty big at 1/18 scale. I found a place in the yard where there was a nice patch of moss. The moss is a perfect scale model of grass for this scene. The regular grass looks like bushes in this scale. Check out the pics and let me know how I did.

Pre-flighting the aircraft.

Make sure the Jesus nut is tight so the rotors don't fly off.

Climbing down from the roof.

Ready to crank, gotta get Kyle to the racetrack ;-)  (yeah, that's an OLD Kyle Petty figure sitting in the back.)

Pilot: CLEAR!



Engine: whiiiirrrrrrrrr

My other Huey model. This one is 1/48 scale and is actually a UH-1H like the ones I crewed when I was in the army.

A closer view. I usually sat in the rear gun well where this figure is sitting when we had the guns mounted. Otherwise I usually sat on the seat ahead of him facing forward. Part of my job was to take care of anyone in the rear of the aircraft and to also help the pilots watch the gauges as well as to make sure we were not going to hit or be hit by anything outside the aircraft. Basically I was pretty busy whether we were flying or loading/unloading the aircraft. I must have done alright, we never crashed ;-)


  1. You got some pretty cool toys! You did good. The moss makes great scale terrain. You just made me remember there are a couple of places in California where there are "Pygmy forests". There are naturally occurring "Bonsai" trees that are dwarfed because of the soil conditions..etc. It's pretty neat, you'll be hiking through a normal forest, then gradually you come across these perfect little miniature trees. They would be perfect for setting up outdoor dioramas. There is one up in the Mendocino area along the coast. And there is another north of San Francisco, near a State park and beach I can't remember the name of right now. I have also run into some in areas where the air is thin and the trees are clinging to big granite outcroppings.!, now that I've seen the trailers...gotta see that movie. What a bizarre story.

  2. The Marwencol movie is pretty damn good. The guy has an eye for setting up a shot and then taking a picture that I greatly envy. Yeah, he's kinda weird, but the truly artistic ones usually are. By the way, the movie is on Netflix instant queue. I'll have to get out in the woods and look for more places to film.