Monday, September 26, 2011

Playing With Toys Again!

The weather was nice today, but I felt like being lazy and not going anywhere so I went outside and played with my toys again. This time I shot my 1/18 scale Barris Batmobile (the only Batmobile that counts!). I tried some settings and some actually worked. I plan to try this again on some asphalt with a more city looking background sometime soon. I think it'll work well. I'd like to find a cave I can use while I'm at it. In case you were wondering this is a 1/18 scale Hot Wheels model and the figures are from the Playing Mantis 1/24 scale model that my friend Clayton painted for me. I dig this model because Hot Wheels actually went to the trouble to go to George Barris' shop and do a 3D scan of the original Batmobile. We finally have one that is accurate. Stay tuned I took more pics, but I'll post them later this week.

Gonna run you over!

Getting in the car.

"Where we going Batman?"
"Just get in the damn car kid, before you scratch the paint!"

"Atomic Batteries to power. Turbines to speed."

"Roger. Ready to move out."

Holy where do we go from here Batman!

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  1. I always loved Batman as a kid. A bunch of us formed a "Bat Patrol" in scouts back east...had to draw our own patches till the Boy Scouts started making them. I'm sitting at a sandwich shop reading a paper and using their internet. Tonight some celebrities are being inducted into a local high schools Hall of Fame. Graduates of San Juan school district here in Sacramento. One of them is George Barris, and another is Timothy B.Schmit of Poco and Eagles fame. One of Barris' nephews was a coach at the school district I work in.He was telling me about seeing all the cars his Uncle built. That small world thing...if you go to there is a vid of Schmit visiting students at his alma mater.