Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Lyric Theater (Visited During The Sidewalk Film Festival)

Not much to say except that I love this old building. It's one of those places that speaks to me. If you want to know more about the Lyric go HERE. They open the building for visitors a few times a year and it is a really cool place to wander around in. I think it'll be great to have these pics and go back to look at them after the restoration is done. If you get the chance to visit you really should go for it and check the place out.

From the 2nd floor balcony looking at the "box seat" areas to the side of the main floor seating.

Same place from the main floor area.

The front edges of the upper balconies as seen from the main floor.

From the entry area looking at the side of the main floor area. The seats have been removed from this area, soon they'll all be out and the floors can start to be rebuilt.

From the inside looking above the doors to the main entry area of the theater.

From the 2nd floor balcony.

The second floor balcony has had the seats removed as well and clean up is progressing up here.

Looking out at the sides of the room.

Near the ceiling.

The stairwells to get to the upper areas.

From the very top looking down at the stage.

There are still some seats up on the third floor balcony.

One of the chandeliers.

Looking out at the lights in the top of the facade on the side walls of the auditorium.


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  1. That's a beautiful, grand old theater, and it's great that it's being restored. Here in Sacramento there are some great old theaters. Unfortunately many were not saved or restored and it's such a shame. There was one called "The Alhambra" that was torn down, to build a Safeway grocery store. It was done up in a "Moorish" style and was absolutely beautiful. It's been gone since the 70's, but people still talk about it, and what a stupid idea it was to demolish it.