Monday, September 19, 2011

More Pet Pics

So the animals in this house (the furry ones) have been acting extra cute lately so I've gotten some pretty cool pics. Hope ya like em, they're all taken with my Canon G12, mostly on auto or low light. Some were color  adjusted in Photoshop or cropped. I've got some ideas for some creative pics, but I have to wait for the right light to try em out.

I have to start out with a pic of my best buddy Merlin. The best dog ever to live!

Ginger the cat likes to sit on the fireplace mantle and survey her empire.

"Why do you insist on getting that thing in my face?" Actually I used the zoom to get this one.

Blake's ferret "Teddy" LOVES socks. Once he gets latched onto one he doesn't want to let it get away. I love how he holds onto his back leg while he hangs there. He seems to do this every time we try this little game.

A close up of the little beast trying to not let his catch get away.

I was outside letting Merlin do his "business" and noticed that Jules was looking at us in a wistful kind of way. I think she wants to be an outside kitty, but she doesn't want to have to come outside to do it. :-)

Cropped in. I love that expression.

The queen on her throne.

Ginger loves to lay in front of the window like this.

Hope ya like these, I'm always looking for different stuff to take pics of. I'll post them as I find them.

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