Friday, October 21, 2011

More Pics From New Orleans

Just a few random shots I liked from our trip. Most of the rest I'll post will be "themed" from the various events of the weekend, but for now just the randoms.

Taken from the 18th floor pool deck of the hotel.

A non zoomed in picture of the bird posing for me.

A house I liked the looks of.

I like this shot, I like the look of these windows sticking from the roofs of houses. The lines are clean and everything works together.

The difference 10 feet can make. This is the other window on this roof and with the crappy A/C shell and the other crap in the window it looks way different than it's nice sister a few feet away.

I like the way these corner buildings are used in the French Quarter. The curved balconies make a square building flow around a corner in a way the plain walls can't.

Looking down one of the streets of the French Quarter. I like weekend mornings here. You can stand in the middle of a street and take pictures and you're not bothering anyone.

The pigeons seemed to like the facade of this building.

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