Friday, October 28, 2011

Kenny Wayne Shepherd at the Crescent City Blues Fest Part 3

Finally we get to the end of this show. The music was great, the band was entertaining, but it was also special because toward the end Kenny had a friend join him onstage. Of course I forgot his name, but he was the first person to ever let Kenny play on stage with him. It was years ago at the Old Absinthe House there in New Orleans. He was supposed to sit in on a couple of songs, but ended up playing all night. It seems that these two have gotten pretty close since then and it was great to see them play together. I love it when a successful person remembers the ones who helped get them there.

Another note getting bent into shape.

Shaking that hair around.

"Hey! Is that a hot chick over there????"

"Maybe she'll like this note bent up to the stars...."

Wearing that fretboard out.

Powerful show!

"Only two more frets to go before I've subdued them all!"

Joined by the Man!

This really makes me miss my old Gibson Flying V. I loved that guitar.

Two great players working the frets!

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