Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Garden Party At My Mother-In-Laws

A week ago my Mother-In-Law Jane had a Garden Party to show off her beautiful garden and all the flowers blooming in it. I took advantage of the opportunity to take some shots of the flowers just to see what I could do. Hope ya like em....

I was standing in the bamboo thicket looking up at a dead tree. I like how the bamboo is out of focus while the dead tree is pretty sharp.

Some red flowers ;-)

From another angle.

This plant was pretty cool. It has the big huge leaves, but puts out this very small delicate flower. I really thought this was neat and really reflects life in general. We're surrounded by big leaves, with little pockets of color and beauty just to spice it up.

I just liked the colors in this one.

I have been playing with depth of field stuff and am pretty pleased with how this one came out.

Love the brightness of this one.

Who doesn't like a picture of the garden cat ;-)


  1. What sort of camera are you using? That cat has pretty good camo for that spot in the garden.

  2. I've got a Canon G12. It's like an DSLR without the changeable lenses. I can adjust just about anything, but I can't swap out the lens.