Wednesday, August 17, 2011

BAAM 2011 (Birmingham Arts & Music Festival)

Ryan and Lee Anna were invited back to town to play this festival so of course you know that means I had to go. I'm glad I did we had a great time Saturday night. The kids put on a great show and after they played we saw a little of a great Blues singer (pics didn't come out) and then got to see a little of one of Ryan & Lee Anna's old bandmates play with his new band. Remember to support local music and get out to the shows whenever you can!

Ryan tuning his guitar while Lee Anna rests her poor little leg before the show. This is one of my favorite pics I've ever taken.

Ryan playing some truly interesting music for one of the new songs they've recently written.

Lee Anna playing. I hated using the flash during the show, but the room was really dark. I DID figure out that I can adjust the intensity of the flash on my camera and it helped a lot.

Waiting his turn to play again.

I could listen to her sing the phonebook!

Caught em' looking at each other for once.

They had a pretty good crowd, especially compared to the folks who came for the bands before and after.

Patrick played on Lee Anna's last EP. He decided to stay here when they moved to Nashville and now fronts his band Miss Information Age. Very interesting show and the band has some damn good musicians in it. Her is Patrick playing in front of the Alps (The show was in the German Club).

Cousin It jams with the band.


  1. Are these your kids? Good to see people doing music, and like you say it's good to support them.
    I need to get out more and catch some of the local talent.

  2. Ryan is my Step Son, Lee Anna is his friend, roommate and he plays with produces her music. They are good kids and great musicians. Patrick is a friend of theirs. They moved from Birmingham to Nashville Mother's Day weekend to try and get further along in the music biz. If talent and desire matter they'll go far. Of course I might be a little biased Here is their webpage so you can hear the music...